V Jornadas de Educación Artística en clave 2.0 (UAM: 1-21 dic 2013). infouam007@gmail.com. Trabajamos para dar visibilidad al trabajo realizado por los docentes de enseñanzas artísticas ¡Ya hemos llegado a 58 países!

martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Se admiten comunicaciones EXCLUSIVAMENTE en formato VIDEO. Inscribe tu corto antes del 1 de diciembre de 2013. Ten en cuenta que ¡¡Solamente se publicarán en DVD los más interesantes!!

Your video SUMMARY (1-10 ') must be a learning experience related to the teaching of art (for its subject, ARTS, or its format, and BASED CREATIVE USE OF PLASTIC AND VISUAL IMAGE, to explain concepts). Format can be artistic, be an interview or documentary. The video should show clearly the title, author or author-plus EXPERIENCE author / s Video, if another person-, place and date of completion of the experience, not the video, which will have been made ​​subsequently. It may have been presented at other conferences but never in audiovisual format. To qualify, your material must be published on the Internet under the license as it deems appropriate, scrupulously respecting copyrights of others, must be publicly accessible, never having been published by a publishing house or in the context of another conference, nor have ISBN.


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